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Top Choice Fitness & Performance was established in February 2019.  Our unique approach is unlike many others out there.  We do not have any cookie cutter workouts, fad or flashy workouts, or crazy things you may have seen on social media.  The benefit about us is that we use our SCIENCE based knowledge and get REAL results.  Our experience ranges from professional athletes, collegiate athletes, youth-highschool aged athletes, and general fitness.  We work with individuals and bodies of all types and ages.  Whether your an athlete, average joe, former athlete, or just trying to stay/get healthy, we got you covered!


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Speed, Plyos, Explosiveness, Agility, Reaction

This is a group class designed for youth athletes aged 11-18.  This program will focus on teaching running mechanics, while introducing change of direction, and proper technique to make the most agile athletes.  This will be done through linear and lateral speed days, explosive and plyometric training, as well as conditioning and recovery.
*Max 12 Athletes Per Month


Strength and Conditioning

This is a group class designed for youth athletes aged 11-18.  This program will focus on proper lifting form, while introducing the athletes to a real life strength and conditioning program, not just a "workout".  They will focus on injury prevention and gaining strength to maximize their performance.  This will include power/core lifts, metabolic training, as well as conditioning and recovery.
*Max 12 Athletes Per Month


Adult Fitness

This is a group training class for adults ages 18 and up.  This class is focused on keeping you healthy and challenging you to push yourself beyond your limits.  This is your chance to experience a strength and conditioning program as an adult. Whether your goal is fat loss or gaining muscle, that will be achieved through this program.  Training styles will include: Olympic lifting, strength training, bootcamp, HIIT, bodybuilding/assistance exercises, and more!
*Max 12 Athletes Per Month

1:1 Personal Training (Adult or Youth)

Prefer training alone and want 1 on 1 attention? Need an individualized approach? If you need specific goals whether that be weight loss, fitness, or sports performance, 1:1 personal training may be the right choice for you.  Through this program, you get your own individualized program, and the whole session is designated towards you!


Small Group Training (Adult or Youth)

Can't afford the group classes? Find a friend or 2 and form a small group and split the cost.  Maybe your whole team doesn't want to train, but you and your best friend do.  This is your chance to get your training done within a small group of your choice.  Perfect for couples, families, or a small amount of teammates.

Team Training

A strength and conditioning program is very important to the athlete's performance, as well as injury prevention.  We can work with your team to help you achieve maximum performance.  Sign your team up to train at our facility, or we can come to yours! Our coaches are fully insured and credible, so your team will be in good hands.

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Online Training

Can't make it out to the facility? Get quality coaching and periodization from your own gym!

“Coach Tim has been a big help getting me back into shape.  Not only am I more explosive from the weight room, I'm transferring that power into speed and agility work on the turf.  Top Choice has made me stronger, more explosive, improved my mobility, and made me a better athlete.”


Dylan Utter, Top Choice Client


"Before working with Tim, my daughter lacked not only the physical ability, but also the confidence to be a high level player.  After just 6 months my daughter is faster, quicker, stronger, and more flexible.  Tim's personal and unique style made my daughter mentally believe she can reach any of her athletic goals.  I highly recommend Top Choice to anyone who wants to make their child a complete athlete.”

John Carlson, Father of a Top Choice Client


Tim makes working out fun! He always puts together great workouts that push me, and I see results.  I always look forward to see what he has planned.


Bob B, Top Choice Client


“Coach T is what every aspect of a coach should be.  He challenges you mentally and physically. He coaches you up and gives you confidence for the next rep.  Its like he's doing it with you and providing feedback.  He also believes in diet and other tools to provide maximum performance.  Those who work with him will find out how hard he works, believe in the process!”


Tiras Bolton, Top Choice Client



Currently offering *Remote Services

We have 5 power racks, plenty of olympic barbells, bumper plates, plenty of kettlebells, full set of dumbbells, GHD, boxes, mini hurdles, agility ladders, resistance bands, medballs, rowing machine, jump ropes, small turf area, and more!


About The Owner/Head Coach

Tim Cawthorn, CSCS, USAW-1 (TC)


Hey everybody I'm Coach Tim. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, and a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting.  I graduated from UNO in 2018 with a BS in Exercise Science, and again in 2021 with a Master's in Health & Kinesiology.  I started in the strength and conditioning field in 2016, when I started my first internship at Infinite Sports World.  I accepted a staff position in 2017.  During that time, I also was an intern at Going Vertical in 2018.  In 2019, I decided to take a big leap and start my own company, and now we have "Top Choice Fitness and Performance".  My experience ranges from professional athletes, collegiate athletes, youth-highschool athletes, adult personal training, and adult boot camps. I love working with all individuals. I was a multi sport athlete growing up, and always had a love for the weight room.  Outside of work and school I have 3 kids, Tracy, Timmy, and Trez.  My wife Blanca and I finally tied the knot in January 2020! My hobbies include relaxing with family, olympic weightlifting, and sports.


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